Homeland Associations Forum

The “Homeland Associations Forum” was set up in 2009 to facilitate a dialogue with the Danube Swabian homeland associations. It serves as a “window into society”. On the one hand it ensures that the associations keep the Institute informed about their activities and on the other hand that the Institute presents its research, documentation and public relations work to the outside world. A further element is the contribution the associations can make to augmenting the Institute’s archives and collections as well as to research projects.

The members of the Homeland Associations Forum are:

Joschi Ament (Bundesvorsitzender der Landsmannschaft der Ungarndeutschen)
Thomas Erös (Bundesvorsitzender der Landsmannschaft der Sathmarer Schwaben)
Jürgen Harich (Bundesvorsitzender der Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben)
Peter-Dietmar Leber (Bundesvorsitzender der Landsmannschaft der Banater Schwaben)